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Seit dem Start im 2016 sind wir mit Hochdruck und viel Freude damit beschäftigt, Know-how aufzubauen, Rahmenbedingungen zu optimieren und natürlich auch finanzielle Mittel bereitzustellen, damit diese talentierten Menschen ihre Chancen sehen und auch packen können. Der Fokus liegt auf dem Begleiten und Unterstützen von Studenten als Mentoren aus dem Township Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay bei Kapstadt und den von uns fünf definierten Handlungsfeldern. 

Die Erfahrung der letzten Jahre zeigt, dass wir zusätzlichen Power in die Grundlagen der Schüler setzen müssen. Aufgrund dessen, werden zwei neue Projekte lanciert und den bereits bestehenden Bereich der persönlichen Stipendien «PERSONAL» ausgebaut.

Wir werden den Discover Your Career Workshop in Zukunft nicht nur für unsere Mentees anbieten, sondern für alle Grade 9 Learners der Silikamva High School, ca. 200 Schüler. 
Zudem werden wir im Bereich Mathematik an der Silikamva High ein Lehrer-Projekt starten.


In order for Thatha Ithuba to maintain success in the long-term, and to bring real change to the youths in the townships, the programme has been divided into five different areas of activity. The individual measures are thus concerted and coordinated.

Thatha Ithuba Camp

Define the future together

In the camp, the people and the project direction of Thatha Ithuba meet to discuss and debate together about topics such as education, careers, problems and needs, opportunities and prospects. In other words: topics which engage the community. Together, ideas and approaches are discussed, and solutions are developed that the Thatha Ithuba people can then implement independently.

  • TIC16: 11. - 15. December 2016: Leadership und Teambuilding
  • TIC17: 5. - 9. July 2017: Mentorship Program
  • TIC18: 24. - 28. January 2018: Leadership and Mentorship
  • TIC18.2: 14.-16. July 2018: Follow up January 2018
  • TIC18.2: 13. and 14. July 2018: Mentorship-Programm, Fundraising, Sensitiv Issues
  • TIC 19.1: 24. - 27. April 2019: Health, Trauma, Time Management, Process

Thatha Ithuba Club

The TI people implement measures which they develop together in the camp. In regular meetings on location, the active exchange of ideas takes place. Additionally, they recruit junior participants (Mentees) for the Community Club and decide which adolescents are accepted into the programme.

Thatha Ithuba Workshops

In diverse workshops throughout the year, the TI People will receive instruction and further guidance in various competence areas.

Thatha Ithuba PERSONAL

It must be possible to support individual students with their education or studies on the basis of need, like, for example, with the purchase of a new laptop, or the initial payment of a course, and so on.

Thatha Ithuba Experiences

Within the bounds of financial possibility, Thatha Ithuba supports other projects and personal goals of individual Thatha Ithuba people. For example, with gaining career or educational experience abroad. In practice, the developed skills will be trained, developed and consolidated for the long-term.

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