Give a Chance

Martin and Gina Hilzinger are personally engaged, and also collect donations from their personal network. Thatha Ithuba is substantially supported by its initiators, benefactors as well as one-time donators. Thatha Ithuba strives for a collaboration with institutional partners who also lend their support either financially, materially or through the provision of specific services.

Opportunities to support the project

One time donation …

… Support through a one-time donation to the society’s account.. 

Spenden mit TWINT

Banking Details

Inhaber: Stiftung Thatha Ithuba, Im Blatt B4, 6345 Neuheim
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Mittelrheintal, 9443 Widnau
IBAN CH40 8080 8001 6789 9469 4


… become a part of the Thatha Ithuba Family. See below...


Benefactors can be private individuals as well as companies, who support the foundation with an annual contribution, starting from CHF 500.– (private individuals) or CHF 1,500.- (companies) respectively.

With their annual donation, benefactors contribute significantly to the success of the society.

  • Through their support, they become part of the Thatha Ithuba family and make a significant contribution to the success of the project.
  • Benefactors regularly receive up-to-date information through the society’s website as well as the newsletter (German).
  • They have the possibility to attend benefactor events.
  • Benefactors can be certain that they are supporting a neutral organisation with minimal administrative expenses.
  • Benefactors bear no obligation and make their annual donation voluntarily.

Thatha Ithuba benefactors can be certain that they are supporting a neutral organisation without any political or religious agenda, with minimal administrative expenses, and can enjoy full transparency regarding how their donations are put to use.

Thank you so much …

… for supporting our students and believe in our project.

Take a Chance - Thatha Ithuba!